Copyright Permission

Here at the Lawrence Jacobsen Library, we take copyright very seriously. Images, audio, and video files appearing on our website are largely donations and come from illustrators, photographers, primatologists, and researchers all over the world. All have granted us the right to use their images on our website; many have extended those rights to include educational uses beyond our organization. In some cases, images on our website are in the public domain.

If you wish to use or reproduce any of the multimedia content on our website, it is up to you to obtain permission from the copyright holder; copyright for nearly all materials in the library collection has been retained by individual contributors. We also support fair use, but we cannot provide advice on whether your intended use qualifies; if you are at all unsure, we strongly encourage you to contact the copyright holder.

In most cases, we can provide the address, telephone number, or e-mail address of copyright holders. If we are unable to provide this information, it is still your responsibility to obtain permission on your own.

Any and all use of materials from the Lawrence Jacobsen Library or Primate Info Net (PIN) must cite the copyright holder’s name and the support of the Lawrence Jacobsen Library at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC). For example: “Robert Dodsworth/WNPRC Jacobsen Library” or “R. Dodsworth/WNPRC Jacobsen Library”.