Research Resources

Care & Management of Lab Animals

Animal Welfare Legislation and Policies
Legislation, policies and guidelines concerning the welfare of primates in research. Information about IACUCs, importation/exportation, and inspections is included.

Care, Handling & Enrichment
A variety of information sources covering anesthesia, enrichment (for all primates and species-specific), housing, etc. (This page is no longer available. PIN suggests searching “Care, handling enrichment primates” and other terms of interest for up-to-date online resources in this area.)

Laboratory Safety and Biohazards
Information on biosafety and preventative measures taken when working with nonhuman primates.

Replacement, Reduction & Refinement (3 Rs)
Investigating alternatives to animal testing.

Primate Pathology Resources

Other Research Resources

An Overview of the Primate Aging Database (PAD)
The PAD is a multicentered, relational database of biological variables in aging, captive nonhuman primates containing 1,073,287 data points for body weight, blood chemistry and hematology, for healthy subjects across time.

Animal Welfare Information Center
A department of the National Agricultural Library offering information on improved animal care and use in research, teaching, and testing.

A Brief History of the Regional Primate Research Centers
Comparative Pathology Bulletin 27(3):1-2, 1995. Also search for The Alpha Males: An Early History of the Regional Primate Research Centers, by Richard W. Dukelow.

Compendium of Non-Human Primate Resources for Aging Research
(2001. Archival only. Compiled by Nancy L. Nadon, National Institute on Aging, Office of Biological Resources and Resource Development.)

Genomics Resources
Resources about primate-related genetics and genomics

List of grant-funding agencies and guides to grant writing.

Manuscript and Poster Preparation
Aids and formatting instructions to assist in the creation of posters and and manuscripts.

Primate Resource Referral Service
The Primate Resource Referral Service (PRRS) provides the communications/database network needed for efficient acquisition and sharing of existing captive primates and primate-related resources by investigators and institutions both nationally and internationally.

Research Data and Services
A collection of resources including biological clearinghouses, census information and statistical information on the use of primates in biomedical research