Anatomy and Physiology

This page retains existing categories and links from the old PIN and includes additional links as well. This is far from an exhaustive list but rather can serve as a starting point for fact-finding and research ideas. There is some overlap among categories. Please contact us if you have suggestions for this page.

Please also visit Primate Fact Sheets and Resources/Select a Primate to learn more about behavior and ecology in different primate species.

See also Primate AnatomyAn Introduction. (Book). Third edition 2007.

Auditory System

Primate Ear  (American Association for Anatomy)

Dental and Oral Structures

Teeth and Jaws  (gorilla, Australopithecus and man,


Do other primates, such as apes, chimps, and monkeys, also have fingerprints? (

Digestive System

Quantitative Analysis of Gut Morphology in Primates and Humans (

Musculoskeletal System (mostly crania)

Primate Anatomy

Nervous System

Reproductive System

Visual System (Eye)

Weights and Measures

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