Two researchers sit at a table outside the WNPRC processing COVID-19 spit tests.

Miranda Stauss and Roger Wiseman process samples collected in a trial of a new COVID-19 saliva test
Igor Slukvin, who studies hematopoietic stem cells, in his lab at the WNRPC (University Communications image).

Igor Slukvin in the hematopoietic stem cell lab

Common marmosets in the WNPRC lobby vivarium (J. Lenon photo)

Common marmosets in the lobby vivarium. View our marmosets on the Callicam.
Neurons growing from marmoset embryonic stem cells in Marina Emborg's Preclinical Parkinson's disease research lab (S. Vermilyea image)

Neurons grown from stem cells by Marina Emborg and Ted Golos labs

People walking through the lobby of the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research. (Photo by J. Lenon)

The WNPRC supports basic research and preclinical studies leading to human clinical trials

Marmoset blastocysts in under a microscope in James Thomson's lab in the mid-1990s (Photo by V. Marshall).

Marmoset blastocysts from James Thomson's groundbreaking stem cell research in the 1990s

Researchers in David O'Connor's lab analyzing macaque genome data (photo courtesy of the O'Connor lab).

Researchers in David O'Connor's lab analyzing macaque genome data

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Dr. David Evans, left, checks the growth of natural killer cells with Mikey Grunst, research specialist, at the UW–Madison and WNPRC AIDS Vaccine Research Laboratory. (J. Lenon photo)

Dave Evans and Mikey Grunst check natural killer cell growth in the AIDS Vaccine Research Lab

Ned Kalin explains his research on anxiety and depression

Rhesus monkeys at the Primate Center


WNPRC Robert W. Goy Lecture Series

The WNPRC hosts the annual Robert W. Goy Lecture each year in the spring. Dr. Robert W. Goy, Ph.D., 1924-1999, was a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Director of the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center from 1971-1989. Dr. Goy exemplified the best the University of Wisconsin-Madison has to offer – in research, teaching, mentoring and creative inspiration. Contact Edi Chan for more information.