Image of the COVID-19 virus under the microscope (NIAID image)


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Sept. 1, 2021: Does previous dengue fever infection have an effect on Zika virus outcome?

Aug. 25, 2021: Inflammation gene may be possible drug target for endometriosis

June 9, 2021: Maternal adult characteristics do not predict stillbirth, early neonatal death

May 24, 2021: Stem cell research: Celebrating 25 years of amazing discoveries (Quarterly magazine, UW–Madison School of Medicine and Public Health)

May 11, 2021: Designer alterations to brain cells reduce anxious behavior in monkeys, hold promise for new treatments. See also a May 5 talk by Dr. Ned Kalin and his colleagues on advances in treatments for addiction, anxiety and mental illness.

Mar. 18, 2021: Study: Witnessing arrest of father causes stress in children

Mar. 16, 2021: Researchers find a better way to measure consciousness

Mar. 1, 2021: Individualized brain cell grafts reverse Parkinson’s symptoms in monkeys

Jan. 13, 2021: Genomic research advances orang-utan conservation

Dec. 8, 2020: New visualization method gets to the heart of Parkinson’s disease

Dec. 1, 2020: World AIDS Day 2020 and nonhuman primate research

Nov. 16, 2020: Gene-edited monkey embryos give researchers new way to study HIV cure

Nov. 6, 2020: Celebrating 25 years of embryonic stem cell research at UW–Madison

Oct. 28, 2020: PCOS special journal issue a hit with clinicians

Sep. 24, 2020: NIH selects OHSU to coordinate national neuroscience research involving marmosets

Sep. 18, 2020: PETA misrepresents UW–Madison lab

Sep. 14, 2020: Visit the National Primate Research Centers interactive virtual booth at SciFest All Access Sept. 26-Oct. 3!

Sep. 2, 2020: NIH Grant to Primate Centers to expand marmoset colonies for neuroscience research

Aug. 25, 2020: Primate Info Net is back!

Aug. 20, 2020: Interview with HIVRp4 co-chair David O’Connor”
“If we are lucky enough to get a coronavirus vaccine quickly, that work is a direct descendant of investment in adenoviruses vectors, RNA vaccines and other types of vaccine platforms for preventing HIV. ”

May 8, 2020, Distinguished Scientist Toni Ziegler retires

Feb. 28, 2020, WNPRC Behavioral Services Unit provides science-based enrichment for nonhuman primates

Feb. 28, 2020, Anthropology professor Karen Strier recognized as prominent primate conservationist in Brazil

Feb. 27, 2020: Cells carrying Parkinson’s mutation could lead to new model for studying disease 

Feb. 12, 2020: Researchers wake monkeys by stimulating engine of consciousness in brain

Jan. 22, 2020: UW–Madison study shows that calorie restriction slows skeletal muscle aging

Jan. 17, 2020: Stem cells could help cancer patients fight dangerous infections 

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