Image of the COVID-19 virus under the microscope (NIAID image)


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Sept. 13, 2023: Mixing donor and recipient immune systems creates tolerance of transplanted kidneys

June 30, 2023: Lower urinary tract dysfunction is linked to metabolic syndrome

May 31, 2023: Sixteen projects chosen for Research Forward (Round 3) awards (Congratulations to our WNPRC scientists and their collaborators who have won a Research Forward award for their project, “Record the Activity of Genetically Identified Neurons Using Calcium Imaging.”

May 12, 2023: Spring student and staff recognitions

May 4, 2023: UnRavelled comes to UW–Madison

Feb. 1, 2023: Happy International Laboratory Animal Technician Week!
Let’s hear from some of our animal care staff on what it’s like working with the monkeys.

Jan. 23, 2023: Remembering Chuck Snowdon, renowned primatologist and professor emerit of psychology

Jan. 11, 2023: What to do with negative data?