Primate Conservation Classroom Activities

Questions for written assignment or discussion

1) The children of Belize were eager to learn more about howler monkeys. How much do you know about the animals of Wisconsin and their habitat? Write a letter to someone your age who live in another part of the world and describe a native Wisconsin animal — how does it use it’s habitat? What would you need to know about it to start a conservation program?

2) Primates aren’t the only animals who are being reintroduced into areas they once inhabited. Large predators such as wolves are being returned to parts of North America where they once roamed. Do you think this is good idea? Why or why not?

3) Design a tourism program featuring animals who live in the same area you do. How can visitors use the animals who live near you in a way that economically benefits your home town?

4) Humans have a habitat too. Think about where you live. How do you meet your needs for food, protection, travel, and meeting other humans?