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International Directory of Primatology

The International Directory of Primatology, a flagship resource of Primate Info Net, provides information about organizations, population management groups, information resources and people currently active in many areas of primate research, education and conservation. Please contact us if you need assistance finding a research organization or type of research organization, or if you would like to add your research organization to the IDP.

Research and Animal Care Resources

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Research Resources

Animal Care and Welfare Resources and Forums

See also Organizations Protecting Primates
(Includes organizations promoting science, welfare, protection, education.)

Primate Diseases

Older PIN diseases resources

An HIV-infected human T cell under the microscope.
An illustration of an HIV-infected human T cell. Nonhuman primate research over the past 30 years has led to life-saving HIV treatments for millions of people. (NIAID image)

Biomedical Research Advocacy and Education

Animal Advocacy, Animal Rights and Animal Protection Organizations

The scientific study of primates, as well as other human uses of primates and other animals, is a perennial hot topic in the news, society and legislatively. We encourage visitors to PIN to learn more and become critical thinkers about the many views related to animal research, animal welfare and animal rights. The International Animal Advocacy, Animal Rights and Animal Protection Organizations website is just one of many starting points to learn more about broader views surrounding animal research.