Motion Pictures featuring monkeys and apes

From the PIN archives: Compiled in 2009 by Ray Hamel, past WNPRC Special Collections Librarian, representing films from 1908-2008.

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1996)

Africa Express (1975)
John Baxter (Giuliano Gemma) is a freewheeling trader of goods in Africa with a pet chimp and one dream: to save enough money to buy his dream gas station in Detroit. Madeleine Cooper (Ursula Andress) is the lady of mystery he runs into as she flees from big game hunter Jack Palance.

Africa Screams (1949)
Abbott and Costello encounter a gorilla.
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Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972)
Aguirre is swarmed by a group of squirrel monkeys at film’s end.
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Aida (1953)
Aida (Sophia Loren) keeps a pet monkey.

Aladdin (1992)
Aladdin is a street-urchin who lives in a large and busy town with his faithful monkey friend Abu.
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The Return of Jafar (1993)
Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996)

Alakazam The Great (1961)
A Japanese-made animated children’s film about the exploits of a magical monkey’s adventures.

Alexander (2004)
Alexander and his troops battle with monkeys, thinking them to be small, hairy people.

American Werewolf in London, An (1981)
After a night on the town as a werewolf, David (James Naughton) wakes up in a zoo where several monkeys react by screeching at him.

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004)
A monkey is the boat mascot.
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Andromeda Strain, The (1971)
A lab monkey keels over after being exposed to the space virus.

Angels in White (1936)
A lab monkey releases mosquitoes infected with yellow fever.

Angkor [aka Forbidden Adventure] (1937)
Hunters in search of a monitor lizard encounter a giant ape.

Animal Behavior (1989)
The beautiful biologist Alex Brisco develops a new method to communicate with chimpanzees: instead of machines she uses a simple sign language. Her research and competition with ignorant colleagues lets her overlook the amorous approaches of cellist Mark. She accepts his help, but no more, believing he’s married.

Animals Are Beautiful People (1974)
Jamie Uys’s documentary about the unusual behavior of wildlife in Africa’s wilderness.

A*P*E (1976)
In a plot reminiscent of “King Kong,” a 36-foot gorilla winds up in Korea where he wreaks havoc while enamored with a visiting American actress.

The Ape (1940)
Dr. Bernard Adrian is a mad scientist who seeks to cure a young woman’s polio. He needs spinal fluid from a human to complete the formula for his experimental serum. To accomplish this, Adrian sneaks through the night wearing the pelt of a missing circus ape.

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The Ape Man (1943)
Conducting weird scientific experiments, crazed Dr. James Brewster, aided by his colleague Dr. Randall, has managed to transform himself into a hairy, stooped-over ape-man. Desperately seeking a cure, Brewster believes only an injection of recently-drawn human spinal fluid will prove effective. With Randall refusing to help him, it falls to Brewster and his captive gorilla to find appropriate donors.
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An Apish Trick (1909)
A man exhibits simian traits after his wife injects him with a serum derived from monkeys in this French one-reeler.

Arizona Cyclone (1928)
A pet monkey causes trouble when it removes money from a desk.

At The Circus (1939)
A wealthy young man (Kenny Baker II) forsakes the fortune of his rich aunt (Margaret Dumont) to run the circus in which his sweetheart (Florence Rice) & he perform. But when the evil owner (James Burke) steals the money to pay off the mortgage, the only people who can help are the strongman Goliath’s assistant Punchy (Harpo Marx), circus hand Antonio Pirelli (Chico Marx), & Antonio’s shyster friend, J. Cheever Loophole (Groucho Marx). Oh, and there’s a gorilla named Gibraltar.

The Attic (1979)
A librarian devotes her life to caring for a wheelchair-bound tyrannical father after being stood up at the altar. She fantasizes about his death and finds joy only with her pet monkey. When the monkey disappears, a shocking past is revealed.

Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)
Austin demonstrates the Internet to Foxxy Cleopatra by showing her a clip of a chimpanzee from “America’s Funniest Home Videos”

Away All Boats (1956)
The ship’s captain has a pet monkey.

Babe: Pig in the City (1998)
Chimpanzees are among the animals staying at the animal hotel.

Baby’s Day Out (1994)
The wealthy Baby Bink is the subject of an attempted kidnapping that continues to go comically awry. At one point, Baby Bink makes his way into the monkey house and into the arms of a protective gorilla who acts as a bodyguard for the baby, further foiling the inept kidnappers.
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Balaoo ou des Pas au Plafond [aka Balaoo the Demon Baboon] (1913)
An ape, turned near human by Dr. Coriolis and given the name ‘Balaoo’, is smitten by the beauty of Coriolis’ niece, Madeleine. Being inquisitive, though, he runs off, getting into mischief, and falls in with a poacher who saves his life. Acting now as his slave, Balaoo kills a man for the poacher, but balks on his orders to kidnap Madeleine, deciding instead to set a trap for the poacher.

The Barefoot Executive (1971)
TV network executives discover that a chimpanzee can accurately predict which TV programs will be ratings winners in this Disney comedy.
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Remake: The Barefoot Executive (1995 TV-movie)

Beast of Borneo (1934)
A mad scientist named Boris Borodoff conducts experiments using man and ape. He and his beautiful assistant go deep into the jungle to round up a live ape for further experiments.

The Beast That Killed Women (1965)
A gorilla terrorizes a nudist camp.

Bedtime For Bonzo (1951)
Professor Peter Boyd’s engagement to the Dean’s daughter is upset by the revelation that Peter’s father was a habitual convict. To prove the Dean’s genetic theory of inherited traits as wrong, Boyd starts a ‘secret’ experiment. He borrows the science department’s chimpanzee with the goal of showing that it is one’s environment that affects your reaction to right and wrong.
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Sequel: Bonzo Goes To College (1952)
Bonzo runs away from a carnival sideshow, landing in the college town of Pawlton where he is adopted by the granddaughter of the college football coach.

Being John Malkovich (1999)
Cameron Diaz has a pet chimpanzee named Elijah that suffers from ulcers. The chimp later rescues Diaz after she is tied up by her husband.

Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (1952)
Two entertainers parachute onto a Pacific island where they encounter natives, evil scientist Bela Lugosi and a gorilla.
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The Big Show (1961)
A circus chimp retrieves a stool.

Bikini Beach (1964)
A millionaire sets out to prove that his pet chimpanzee is as intelligent as the teenagers who hang out on the local beach, where he is intending to build a retirement home and throw the kids off.

Black Zoo [aka Horrors of the Black Zoo] (1938)
Los Angeles zoo-owner Michael Conrad, insanely devoted to his animals, stops at nothing to eliminate obstacles to his work. Michael’s wife, Edna, plots to leave him and rejoin her work in the circus. Edna’s agent, Jenny, is killed by a gorilla after Michael overhears Jenny making Edna a tempting job offer.

A Blind Bargain (1922)
Lon Chaney does double duty as an experimenting scientist and the scientist’s apelike assistant created by a monkey gland transplant.

BloodMonkey (2007)
F. Murray Abraham leads graduate students in an investigation of rumors of a remote tribe of killer chimpanzees, and ends up in a fight for survival against the man-eating apes.

Bomba, the Jungle Boy (1949)
Bomba on Panther Island (1949)
Bomba is in pursuit of a panther that killed Bomba’s monkey friend.

Born To Be Wild [aka Katie] (1995)
Rick Heller is a juvenile delinquent who keeps getting himself into trouble. To keep him out of trouble his mother puts him to work cleaning the cage of a gorilla named Katie which she is teaching to communicate through the use of sign language. When the owner of the gorilla takes her back to become a flea market freak Rick takes it upon himself to break Katie out and take her on an adventurous journey to get her out of the country.
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Born to Kill (1996)
A hitman named Kil has a pet monkey named Chichi in this Korean picture.

Brain Dead (1992)
In 1957 a zoologist traps a rare rat monkey on Skull Island and brings it back to New Zealand with the local aborigines hot on his trail. Later, a young man falls in love and takes the young woman to the zoo. His overbearing and disapproving mother follows them and gets bitten by the rat monkey. The monkey’s bite turns her into a zombie, and her doting son has to keep her (and the others she’s bitten) tranquilized in the basement while trying to preserve his love life.

The Bride and the Beast (1957)
Laura was the Queen of the Gorillas in a previous incarnation.
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Bride of the Gorilla (1951)
Raymond Burr is the subject of a voodoo curse that turns him into a gorilla — or is it all in his mind?
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Buddy (1997)
Rene Russo plays a socialite who raises a gorilla as a family member.
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Bulletproof Monk (2003)
A young monk has a pet capuchin that scratches the face of a Nazi attacking his temple.

Buruuba (1955)
In this Japanese version of Tarzan, Tarzan rescues a girl pursued by a gorilla.
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A Business Affair (1993)
In this French film, a man buys a monkey for his wife after she loses a baby.

Bye Bye Monkey/Ciao maschio (1977)
Sardonic, bleak comedy about a group of misfits in a decrepit area of Manhattan where rats seem about to displace humanity in all the buildings. Depardieu, irresistible to women as always, prefers the company of a chimpanzee.
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Calcutta (1947)
The film’s cast includes Josephine the monkey.

The Cameraman (1928)
In his manic rush to get to Chinatown, Buster Keaton tramples on an organ grinder’s monkey. Buster is forced to pay off the enraged organ grinder and remove the poor creature for proper burial. However, like Lazarus risen from the dead, the capuchin is only stunned. Buster ends up with a little assistant in tow, wrapped affectionately around his head.

Captive Wild Woman (1943)
A mad scientist turns an orangutan into Paula, a beautiful woman.
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Jungle Woman (1944)
Shot after killing her creator in “Captive Wild Woman,” Paula the ape is turned into a woman once again.
Jungle Captive (1945)
Dr. Stendhal retrieves Paula’s corpse and revives her. Mentally subnormal, she reverts to ape form to save a girl’s brain from the scalpel.

Carmen (2005)
Natacha Régnier and James Thiérrée play a suburban couple whose lives are upset when Carmen, an intelligent and human-trained bonobo appears in their bathroom one afternoon.

Carnival Girl (1933)

Carnival Magic (1982)
Markos the Magnificent is a circus magician whose main attraction is Alex, the talking chimpanzee. Alex gets chimp-napped by the jealous lion tiger who turns the ape over to a mad scientist.

Carry On Up The Jungle (1970)
A comedic takeoff on Tarzan by the “Carry On” cast.

Chang (1927)

Charlie Chan at the Circus (1936)
When a circus co-owner is found dead with a broken neck in a locked wagon, the circus ape, Caesar, is suspected of killing him.

Charlie Chan in Honolulu (1938)
Oscar the lion is infuriated by a monkey that throws apples at the lion’s head.

The Chill Factor [aka A Cold Day’s Night] (1972 tv-movie)
Two scientists working with primates in a polar research station discover they may not be alone.

The Chimp (1922 short)
In lieu of back wages, the defunct circus that Laurel and Hardy have been working for provides them with a flea circus and a trained chimpanzee named Ethel. Unfortunately, that’s also the name of their landlord’s wife, and after the boys sneak the ape into their room, the jealous man draws some unfortunate conclusions when he overhears Hardy ordering Ethel to “come to bed.”

The Circus (1928)
Charlie Chaplin attempts a tightrope walk while being bitten on the nose by monkeys.

Circus of Horrors (1960)
Circus chimpanzees perform a miniature trapeze act. Evil circus owner Anton Diffring is attacked twice by an angry circus gorilla.

Circus Rookies (1928)
“Bimbo, the Man-Eating Ape” gets loose on a train, chasing a trapeze artist onto the train roof, frightening the engineer and breaking the train whistle.

City of Ghosts (2003)
Matt Dillon has his sunglasses stolen by a monkey.

Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion (1965)
A poacher attempts to capture young gorillas for sale on the black market.

Cobra Woman (1944)
The hapless Jon Hall keeps getting captured by natures. It’s Coco the chimpanzee to the rescue!

Congo (1995)
Greed is bad, this simple morality tale cautions. A megalomaniacal C.E.O. sends his son into the dangerous African Congo on a quest for a source of diamonds large enough and pure enough to function as powerful laser communications transmitters (or is it laser weapons?). When contact is lost with his son and the team, his sometime daughter- in-law is sent after them. She is a former CIA operative and, accompanied by gee-whiz gadgetry and a few eccentric characters (including a mercenary, a researcher with a talking gorilla, and a nutty Indiana-Jones-type looking for King Solomon’s mines), sets out to rescue her former fiance.
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Cooley High (1975)
The boys cut class and have a humorous encounter with a zoo gorilla.

Crazy Knights (1944)
Circus performers Dave Hammon, Billy Gilbert and Shemp Howard are en route to the next town with their trained gorilla act when they are nearly run off the road by a car driven by Maxie Rosenbloom, the chauffeur to Mr. Gardner. At the Gardner estate, the gorilla escapes from his cage as Jayne Hazard disappears.

Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001)
Includes a scene with a chimpanzee.

Curious George (2006)

Darkest Africa (1936)
In this movie serial, Clyde Beatty meets Bonga the gorilla while trying to effect a rescue in the dark continent.

Dillinger (1945)
An organ-grinder and his monkeys are shown briefly.

Dinosaur (2000)
In this Disney film, a dinosaur is raised by a family of lemurs.
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The Dinosaur and the Missing Link (1915)
This early stop-action animated short features a gorilla named Wild Willie who fights a brontosaurus.

Dr. Dolittle (1967)
One of Dr. Dolittle’s animal companions was a chimpanzee.
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Doctor Dolittle (1998)
Eddie Murphy stars as a veterinarian who discovers he can talk to his animal patients.
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Sequel: Doctor Dolittle 2 (2001)
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Doctor of Doom (1965)
A scientist’s obsession with brain experimentation drives him to transplant a gorilla’s brain in a man’s head. The doctor then places an ape’s brain in the head of an intelligent woman wrestler, whose death is eventually avenged by her sister, also a victim of the doctor’s experiments.

Doctor Rhythm (1938)
After Andy Devine gets drunk, he lets loose the monkeys in the zoo.

The Doctor’s Experiment; or Reversing Darwin’s Theory (1908)
The doctor turns his victims into apes. Upon discovering he can’t change them back, he puts them on display.

Dr. Renault’s Secret (1942)
A sound remake of the silent “Balaoo.” A young man visits his fiancie in a remote French villa where her scientist father (George Zucco) resides. There he meets Noel (J. Carrol Naish), Dr. Renault’s mysterious assistant, who has a strange attraction to Renault’s daughter. Soon he learns Noel’s true identity: he is an ape that was turned into a man by Renault’s bizarre experiments!

Don Juan (1926)
A monkey is seen scampering from the window of Don Juan’s home early in the movie.

The Door With Seven Locks (1962)
A mad scientist wants to transplant the head of a man onto a chimp’s body.

Dunston Checks In (1996)
In this slapstick adventure, a jewel-thief orangutan named Dunston causes chaos as he makes his way through a swanky Manhattan hotel to rob the guests. Dunston’s master is the film’s meanie, so the ape befriends the two young sons of the hotel’s manager.
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Ed (1996)
A chimpanzee, billed as his minor league baseball’s team’s mascot, turns out to be the best third baseman since Brooks Robinson. Consigned as his roomie is pathetic pitcher Matt LeBlanc.
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Escape to Burma (1955)

Evan Almighty (2007)
Evan is served lemonade by a baboon.

Every Which Way But Loose (1978)
The travails of a bare-knuckle boxer (Clint Eastwood) and his travelling companion, an orangutan named Clyde.
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Sequel: Any Which Way You Can (1980)
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The Fakir’s Spell (1914)

Fierce Creatures (1997)
A corporation tries to boost attendance at the Marwood Zoo in London by featuring vicious animals. Willa (Jamie Lee Curtis) expresses fondness for the gorillas. Ring-tailed lemurs appear in the film and in its promotional materials.
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The Fifth Monkey [aka O Quinto Macaco] (1980)
A Brazilian snake hunter, trying to make enough money to marry the woman he loves, finds four mysterious chimpanzees. He embarks upon a journey to sell them in the big city, and learns about himself and the world around him on the way there.

First Born (1989 TV mini-series)
Edward Forester is a genetic researcher, intent on breeding primate hybrids. But his experiments take a strange turn when he succeeds in breeding a human/gorilla hybrid. He hides the results of the experiment, adopting the child, and helps Gor to speak and blend into society. But Gor can’t help being what he is, and tragedy and revelations are the ultimate result.

The Fly (1986)
Jeff Goldblum’s attempts to teleport a baboon go awry when the monkey arrives inside-out. Eeww!

Forbidden Adventure (1934) [aka Inyaah / Gorilla Woman]

Forbidden Jungle (1950)
Tawa the jungle boy is accompanied by the mischievious chimpanzee, Tamba.

45 Fathers (1937)
Arriving at a New York pier, 10-year-old Judith Frazier (Jane Withers) is worried she won’t be able to bring her pet monkey, Gertrude, ashore. Gertrude later appears to trap a cat inside a piano.

The Fountain (2006)
Cancer researcher Hugh Jackman struggles to cure his wife’s brain cancer by using a monkey as an animal model.

Frida (2002)
Artist Frida Kahlo incorporates the images of spider monkeys in some of her paintings.

Funkey Monkey (2004)
Boy genius Michael Dean (Seth Adkins) teams up with a super-talented monkey and his caretaker (Matthew Modine) to take down an animal testing lab. In exchange the scientist gives the boy some pointers on how to woo the girl of his dreams.

The General Died at Dawn (1936)
Gary Cooper has a pet monkey.

George of the Jungle (1997)
George’s best friend is Ape, an intelligent gorilla with the cultured voice of John Cleese.
George of the Jungle 2 (2002)

Gildersleeve’s Ghost (1944)
Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve (of radio fame) is running for police commissioner against incumbent Haley. The ghosts of his ancestors decide to help him get elected, but succeed only in getting him mixed up with mad scientist John Wells, an escaped gorilla, and an intermittently invisible showgirl.

Gladiator, The (1938)
Professor Albert Danner (Lucien Littlefield) is developing a strength serum. The serum gives Bosco the monkey the strength of a gorilla.

Go and Get It (1920)
An intrepid newspaper reporter attempts to solve a series of murders committed by a gorilla carrying the transplanted brain of a human.

Going Ape (1981)
When his father – who owned a circus – dies, Oscar inherits 5 million dollars – and 3 orangutans. However there’s a condition connected to the money: if he gives away the apes or just one gets sick or dies during the next 3 years, the zoologic society will get all the money. Oscar not only has to deal with 3 apes and an annoyed girlfriend, but also with a greedy zoologic society’s president.

Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933)
Two chimpanzees are shown huddling during the “Pettin’ in the Park” musical number

The Golden Compass (2007)
The animal manifestation of Marisa Coulter’s soul is a golden monkey.

The Gorilla (1927)
At an old-dark-house a gorilla is suspected of committing a series of murders
Remake: The Gorilla (1930)

The Gorilla (1939)
When a wealthy man is threatened by a killer known as The Gorilla, he hires the Ritz Brothers to investigate. A real escaped gorilla shows up at the mansion just as the investigators arrive.
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Gorilla (1956)
A hunter travels deep into the jungle to hunt down a killer ape, but his efforts are hampered by a pesky female journalist.

Gorilla At Large (1954)
At sinister carnival The Garden of Evil, the main attraction is Goliath, “world’s largest gorilla…cost the lives of 1,000 men before his capture.” Barker Joey Matthews is about to enter the gorilla act, teamed with seductive mantrap Laverne, the owner’s wife. Then a man is found dead of a broken neck. Was it Goliath or someone wearing Joey’s gorilla suit? Detective Sgt. Garrison finds four interlocked romantic triangles among the suspects…

Der Gorilla von Soho [aka The Ape Creature/Gorilla Gang] (1968)

Gorillas in the Mist (1988)
Sigourney Weaver stars as Dian Fossey, in this true story about Fossey’s study of mountain gorillas, and her efforts to stop the decimation of the endangered apes.
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Grandma’s Boy (2006)
A chimpanzee is seen driving a car.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)
To cover his tracks as he spirits Gizmo out of a research lab, Billy (Zach Galligan) releases two monkeys named Simon and Theodore from their cage.

The Hairy Ape (1944)
William Bendix visits Goliath the gorilla at the zoo.

Half-Human (1955)
This film of Japanese origin follows a Yeti-like creature and offspring. The American version is interrupted by inserted footage of John Carradine and Morris Ankrum.

The Half-Pint (1960)
A six-year-old boy is thought missing when he goes looking for his pet chimpanzee, Dinke.

Her Jungle Love (1938)
One of Dorothy Lamour’s jungle friends is a chimp.

Hero in the Family (1986 TV-movie)
Astronaut Cliff de Young switches minds with his chimpanzee space traveling companion.

Hillbillys in a Haunted House (1967)
Country singers on their way to Nashville have car trouble, forcing them to stop at an old haunted mansion. Soon they realize that the house is not only haunted, but is also the headquarters of a ring of international spies after a top secret formula for rocket fuel. Foreign spy Lon Chaney Jr. is assisted by a gorilla.
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Hit The Deck (1957)
Sailor Russ Tamblyn has a brief interaction with a capuchin monkey at a carnival.

Hollow Man (2000)
Scientists working to create a serum to render a person invisible use a gorilla as a test subject.

Hollywood Party (1934)
Jimmy Durante is presented with a gorilla as a gift.

El Hombre y la Bestia (1962)

La Horripilante bestia humana (1968) [aka Gomar: The Human Gorilla; Night of the Bloody Apes]
A doctor hopes to cure his ailing son by replacing the boy’s heart with that of a gorilla.

The House of Mystery (1934)
Verna Hillie is threatened by a killer gorilla.

Human Nature (2001)
Puff (Rhys Ifans), a young man who has been raised by apes, is being trained in the ways of the human world by Dr. Nathan Bronfman (Tim Robbins).

The Hunger (1983)
Sleep researcher Dr. Sarah Roberts (Susan Sarandon) uses macaques in her study of the link between sleep and longevity.

Ice-Capades Revue (1942)

The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981)
A gorilla helps the dimunitive Lily Tomlin escape from captivity in a science lab.

Ingagi (1931)
An expedition enters an area of the Congo jungle to investigate reports of a gorilla-worshipping tribe. After many dangerous adventures, they come upon the tribe they sought, only to watch as a virgin is sacrificed to a huge gorilla, who takes her away. The expedition follows the gorilla in an attempt to save the woman.

Inland Empire (2006)
A pet monkey appears in the movie’s final scene.

Inspector Gadget 2 (2003)
Inspector Gadget searches for the Claw at the Blue Monkey Bar where a monkey dials 911 when a fight breaks out.

Instinct (1999)
Anthony Hopkins stars as a primatologist who has studied and lived among African apes for several years. Affected by years of living among the wild, Hopkins develops a brutal ape-like persona and is charged for three murders in Rwanda. Psychiatrist Cuba Gooding Jr attempts to find out the truth behind Hopkins’ transformation.
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The Intruder (1932)
A grisly murder is committed on board a cruise ship. Before an investigation can really get started, the ship is wrecked in a storm and the survivors find themselves shipwrecked on a mysterious jungle island. The survivors are terrorized by weird sounds from the jungle and are horrified when they discover a cave full of skeletons. After another murder occurs, several of the survivors flee into the jungle only to encounter a fanatical wild man and a killer gorilla!

In the Doghouse (1961)
Peggy Cummins is the owner of a performing chimp that is on the loose.

In The Shadow of Kilimanjaro (1986)
Due to a serious drought, hordes of African baboons suddenly begin attacking humans and eating them alive. A game warden pleads with the African government to evacuate everyone in the area, while a ruthless businessman refuses to clear out his workers, leaving them as unknowing targets for the starving primates.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)
Features footage of an orangutan.

The Jennie Project (2001 tv-movie)
Kids’ movie about a chimpanzee taught to speak.

Jumanji (1995)
Computer-generated monkeys wreak havoc and make off with a squad car.

Jungle Book (1942)
Watch the movie at

The Jungle Book (1967)
Monkeys kidnap young Mowgli and carry him off to King Louie, an orangutan who wants to learn the secret of making fire.
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Sequel: The Jungle Book 2 (2003)
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The Jungle Book (1994)
A faithful live-action adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale of Mowgli, the jungle boy who is raised by wolves.
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Jungle Jim (1948)
Jim’s constant companion is a chimp named Tamba.
Cannibal Attack (1954)
Captive Girl (1950)
Jungle Manhunt (1951)
Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land (1952)
Jim and his chimp Tamba stumble into a land of giant creatures and giant people.
Killer Ape (1953)
Jungle Jim (Johnny Weissmuller) finds out that members of the Wazuli tribe are selling animals to white hunters. These animals are in turn used for illegal research in a scheme to create drugs for bacterial warfare. Before Jim can foil the villains’ plans, he must first clear himself of a murder charge. The film’s title derives from the tribesmen’s habit of wearing ape costumes to scare away outsiders.
Mark of the Gorilla (1950)
Nazis dressed as great apes are looking for gold. It’s up to Jungle Jim (Johnny Weissmuller) to stop them.

Jungle Man (1941) aka Drums of Africa
Betty Graham photographs monkeys in the jungle and talks to a monkey in Junga’s lab.

The Jungle Princess (1936)

Karzan, il favoloso uomo della giungla [aka Karzan and His Mate; Jungle Master] (1972)
Lord Carter finances an expedition hoping to capture Karzan (that’s what he’s called in this one) for scientific study. They get more than they bargained for when they capture Karzan AND his mate, Sheran. With some help from Cheeka (Karzan’s chimp companion), Karzan escapes. Later, Sheran escapes but Karzan is recaptured. Ultimately, Lord Carter decides it would be wrong to take Karzan from his jungle home – so he releases him.
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Keep ‘Em Flying (1941)
A gorilla appears in a comedy bit with Lou Costello. Images at

Kid Brother, The (1927)
Harold Lloyd, hiding from a murderous strongman in a deserted boat hulk, puts his boots on a little monkey belonging to the medicine show. The strongman chases the clattering boots all over the boat.

King Kong (1933)
While scouting locations for filming a movie, a shipload of moviemakers stumble upon Skull Island, home of a gigantic ape called Kong. Natives kidnap the actress travelling with the crew, and offer her as a sacrifice to Kong. The moviemakers manage to rescue the girl and capture the ape, hauling him back to New York City where they exhibit him as the “eighth wonder of the world.” Kong breaks loose. Smitten with the actress, he carries her to the top of the Empire State Building. Trapped at the summit, Kong is shot down by strafing airplanes, falling to his death.
Watch the movie at:
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Son of Kong (1933)
King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)
King Kong Escapes (1967)
While hacking through the jungle, expedition leader Nelson (Rhodes Reason) and his companions are attacked by a dinosaur. They are rescued by King Kong. Meanwhile a mad scientist is busy constructing “Mechni-Kong,” a giant robot meant to take out King Kong. The two behemoths clash on Tokyo Tower.
King Kong (1976)
King Kong Lives (1986)
A she-Kong is located to provide a blood transfusion for King Kong.
King Kong (2005)
Kinky Kong (2006)

King of Kong Island (1968)
A group of mad scientists use brain implants on Kong Island in an attempt to create a gorilla army. Out to stop their nefarious ways is a descendant of King Kong.

King of the Kongo (1929)
A Secret Service agent searches the jungle for his missing brother, also an agent. He encounters a young woman there who is also searching, but for her missing father. They encounter a gang of ivory smugglers who hold a prisoner who knows the secrets of the missing people and a lost treasure. The pair is also menaced by a giant gorilla which guards the temple which is the smugglers’ lair.

King of the Kongo (1952 serial)
Air Force captain Buster Crabbe battles a gorilla.
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Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (2008)

Konga (1961)
Dr. Decker comes back from Africa after a year, presumed dead. During that year, he came across a way of growing plants and animals to an enormous size. He brings back a baby chimpanzee to test out his theory. As he has many enemies at home, he decides to use his chimp, Konga to “get rid of them”. Then Konga grows to gigantic proportions and wreaks havoc throughout the city of London.

Kongo (1932)
Madman Flint keeps a pet chimpanzee named Kong on a chain. Kong is highlighted in one of the last scenes in the film, discovering the remains of Flint after he is killed by African natives.

Kung Fu Panda (2008)
One of the martial arts expert in the Furious Five is a gibbon called Monkey (with the voice of Jackie Chan).

Ladron de Cadavres [aka The Body Snatchers] (1956)
In one of the popular wrestling films from Mexico, a mad scientist transplants the brain of a gorilla into the head of a wrestler.

Land of Silence and Darkness (1971)
A zoo monkey reaches out and yanks the lens casing off director Werner Herzog’s camera.

Law of the Jungle (1942)
A fugitive from justice and an outlaw scientist are chased through the jungle by Nazis and a killer gorilla.

The Leopard Lady (1928)
Paula joins a circus where several murders have occurred. Among the suspects is gorilla trainer Caesar (Alan Hale Sr.), who previously had saved Paula’s life. Nonetheless, when Caesar is revealed to be the murderer, he unleashes one of his killer apes with orders to tear Paula and her sweetheart Chris (Robert Armstrong) apart.
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Link (1986)
Student Jane works as an assistant for the animal researcher Phillip in a lonesome old house. They life alone except for the chimpanzees and butler Link: a 45 year-old intelligent orangutan. Phillip wants to put Link to death. However before Phillip can do this he vanishes without a trace. Link begins to behave more aggressive and prohibits Jane from using the phone or reaching the next village. When she punishes him by locking him out, he becomes violent.

The Lion King (1994)
One of Mufasa’s advisors is a baboon named Rafiki.

A Little Princess (1986 tv-movie)
Sara Crewe is the pampered darling of her father, an army colonel, and the Victorian London girls’ school where he places her. But when her father dies, penniless, Sara becomes a skivvy in Miss Michin’s school, befriended only by the scullery maid, Becky, her friends Ermengarde and Lottie, a little monkey, a lascar, and the mysterious man next door.

The Little Rascals (1994)

Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance (1972)
The title heroes run across Japanese macaques on their journey.

Looney Tunes: Back In Action (2003)
The Blue Monkey Diamond has the power to change humans into monkeys and back again.

Lorraine of the Lions (1925)
Lorraine is the survivor of a shipwreck, living among the circus animals that were stranded on the island with her. One of the animals is a gorilla named Bimi.

Lost in Translation (2003)
Bill Murray plays a fading movie star who once starred in a movie with a chimpanzee.

The Lost Jungle (1934 serial)
Clyde Beatty leads an jungle exploration that uncovers a lost city guarded by a giant, killer gorilla.

The Love Light (1921)
Roguish merchant Tony has a pet capuchin who helps tip the scales in Tony’s favor by pulling down on the scale with its tail.

Lt. Robinson Crusoe, U.S.N. (1966)
Dick Van Dyke plays an astronaut stranded on an island with a chimpanzee traveling companion.

Madagascar (2005)
Four animals shipped from New York’s Central Park Zoo end up among a colony of lemurs in Madagascar.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985)
A monkey is shown carrying a water bottle.

The Mafu Cage [aka The Cage] (1978)
Two strange sisters live in a crumbling mansion, where they keep a pet orangutan named Mafu.

The Magic Sword (1962)
A chimpanzee plays a game of chess against Siamese twins. What does it have to do with the rest of the movie? Not a thing.

The Man Who Changed His Mind [aka The Man Who Lived Again] (1936)
Boris Karloff is a mad scientist who discovers a way to transfer minds and personalities with chimps. It’s only a matter of time before he starts trying it on humans.

The Man Without a Body (1957)
A wealthy businessman discovers he has a brain tumor and seeks medical help. The businessman finds a scientist experimenting with transplanting monkey heads on different monkey bodies.

Max Keeble’s Big Move (2001)
A chimp gets loose in Max’s classroom attacking the school principal.

Max, Mon Amour (1986)
A diplomat’s wife takes a chimpanzee as her lover.

The Mighty Gorga (1969)
The hunt for a gigantic African gorilla provides the basis for this adventure-fantasy.

Mighty Joe Young (1949)
Jill Young has brought up her pet gorilla since she was a child. When the gorilla is full grown, Hollywood promoter Max O’Hara travels to Africa and convinces Jill to bring the gorilla, Joe, back to America. When in Hollywood, Joe is used in a stage production and is exploited to no end. It doesn’t take long until Joe is sick of being mistreated and he escapes to run loose in civilization.

Mighty Joe Young (1998)
Deep in the heart of Africa, a 15-foot gorilla lives far secluded from the prying eye of man, protected by a young woman named Jill who has known him all her life. Joe, as she calls him, is a kind, gentle creature. When a zoologist discovers the two, he convinces them to move to a California preserve with him so that the miracle of Joe’s unusual size can be studied. Unfortunately, there are poachers who want Joe for the black market and pursue him to California. When an accident frees Joe into downtown Los Angeles, the confused gorilla goes on a rampage.
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The Miser’s Reversion (1914)

Mogambo (1953)
Includes stock footage of rhesus monkeys and a gorilla

Mom, Can I Keep Her? (1998)
Timmy Blair has the usual twelve-year old’s share of problems: his father is too busy at work, his new stepmother loads him with chores, and school life is as difficult as ever. When a furry friend follows him home from school, Timmy is delighted. There’s only one problem: his new found buddy is a 500-pound gorilla.
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Monkeybone (2001)
Comic strip artist Stu (Brendan Fraser) is about to hit the big time with his simian creation, Monkey Bone, when he is left in a coma after a car crash. Stu and Monkey Bone both end up in a strange area of Stu’s mind called Downtown. When Stu finds a way to return to the land of the living, his chance is stolen by Monkey Bone who takes over Stu’s body.
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Monkey Business (1952)
Chemist Barnaby Fulton is working on a youth formula, but is unsuccessful until lab chimp Esther puts her own additions to the formula. When the youth formula accidentally gets into the water cooler, the fun really begins.
Related link: Video cover

The Monkey Mission (1981 tv-movie)
A chimpanzee named Gregor is trained to steal an ancient vase.

Monkey Shines: An Experiment In Fear (1988)
When Allan becomes a quadriplegic he loses all hope for living until he meets Ella – a monkey trained to fetch and carry for him around the house, obeying him in all things. But Ella is part of another experiment, and when she starts responding to Allan’s underlying rage and frustration she has the ability to carry out her master’s darkest wishes.
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Monkey Trouble (1994)
Dodger the monkey runs away from an abusive street performer (Harvey Keitel) and is found by a troubled teen, whose parents forbid pets. The girl and the monkey bond. But she soon learns that Dodger has been trained as a pickpocket and keeps making off with watches and jewelry. Meanwhile, Dodger’s owner has made a deal with the mob to use the monkey in a heist, and is desperate to get the monkey back.
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Monkeys, Go Home (1967)
Monkeys trained to harvest olives upset the locals.
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A Monkey’s Tale (1999)
An animated film about the differences between two communities of monkeys.

The Monkey’s Uncle (1965)
Young scientist Merlin Jones is perfecting a method of sleep-learning using first a chimpanzee, and then Annette Funicello, as guinea pigs.
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The Monster and the Girl (1941)
Scot Webster tries to save his sister Susan from the clutches of gangster W.S. Bruhl. When Scot comes to Bruhl’s rented room, one of the gangster’s aides falls into his hands, killed by a gunman. The murderer tosses his gun to Scot and disappears, leaving Scot to take the fall. He is sentenced to death, but a mad scientist retrieves his brain to transplant into a gorilla. After the operation, Scot wakes up in the body of a gorilla, eager to get his revenge.

The Monster Walks (1932)
The relatives of a scientist gather for the reading of his will on a dark and stormy night. In the basement of the house is a chimpanzee named Yogi who used to have the run of the house and who seems to harbor a grudge against the scientist’s daughter, Ruth. Then Ruth sees the chimp’s hand trying to strangle her in the night!

Mookie (1998)
A monk discovers a talking chimpanzee in Mexico. When scientists want to take away the chimp, the monk goes on the run to Mexico City with a boxer who is on the lam from mafioso types.

Moon Pilot (1962)
Mona is the chimpanzee who accompanies an astronaut into space.

Moto X Kids (2004)
A chimp named Cody may be the best bet to save a motocross track from being taken over by a motorcycle gang.

Murders in the Rue Morgue (1914)

Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)
In 19th Century Paris, the maniacal Dr. Mirakle abducts young women and injects them with ape blood in an attempt to prove ape-human kinship. He constantly meets failure as the abducted women die. Medical student Pierre Dupin soon uncovers Mirakle’s work.
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Murders in the Rue Morgue (1971)

Murders in the Rue Morgue (1986 tv-movie)

MVP: Most Valuable Primate (2000)
A chimpanzee used in a sign-language program escapes from the lab and winds up on a train bound for Canada. The ape befriends a deaf girl, and begins playing for a junior hockey team!
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MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate (2001)

Jack the chimp from “MVP” enters the world of skateboarding.
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MXP: Most Xtreme Primate (2003)
Jack the chimp tries snowboarding.
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My Friend Irma Goes West (1950)
On a train to California, Jerry Lewis is entrusted with the pet monkey of actress Corinne Calvet.

Nabonga (1944)
A man, flying over the jungle with his daughter, is carrying a briefcase of diamonds when the plane crashes. Years later, treasure hunters make their way into the jungle to find the diamonds, encountering the daughter, now fully grown in the form of shapely Julie London. They also encounter her protector — a large gorilla named Nabonga.
Watch the movie at
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Nan yang tang ren jie (Bruce Lee the Invincible) (1977)
The main character engages in a kung fu fight with a gorilla. Sad but true.
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The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking (1988)
Animated feature about Pippi and her pet monkey.

Night at the Museum (2006)
Ben Stiller and a monkey that is supposed to be part of a museum display engage in a slap fight.
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Nun’s Story, The (1959)
While recovering from tuberculosis in the Belgian Congo, Sister Luke (Audrey Hepburn) is given a pet guenon named Felix.

Osmosis Jones (2001)
Junk-food junkie Bill Murray picks up a nasty virus after his food is handled by a zoo monkey.

Outbreak (1995)
A deadly monkey-borne virus finds its way into the USA and starts killing off people at an epidemic rate. Col. Sam Daniels’ job is to stop the virus spreading from a small town, which must be quarantined, and to prevent a zealous Army general from blowing up innocent people.
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Paradise pour tous (1982)
Doctor Valois has invented the “flashage,” a cure for depressed people. After having tested it on monkeys, he tries with a first human patient, Alain Durieux. This is successful, and everybody’s happy except maybe Alain’s wife, Jeanne, who’s worrying about the changes in Alain’s personality. Other patients use the treatment with similar successes, and Valois’s happy about it. But the monkeys are changing: non-cured ones are made mad by the overstability and stereotyped behavior of the cured ones. Soon so are the humans. When Valois realizes he can’t stop the process, he decides to “flash” himself.

Peter Pan (1953)
Two animated apes try on the hat of a passing John Darling as he leads the Lost Boys in an attack against the Indians.

Phantom of the Rue Morgue (1954)
Karl Malden plays Dr. Marais, a zoo curator who hypnotizes an ape to do his bidding. When the ape is sent to kill Patricia Medina it refuses, making off with her over rooftops.

Phenomena [aka Creepers] (1984)
Actress Jennifer Connelly plays Jennifer Corvino, an American teenage girl who is attending an all-girls school in Switzerland. As it turns out, Jennifer has a psychic link with insects. She uses her powers to help catch a deranged killer who is on the loose. Donald Pleasence plays a paralyzed entomologist who owns a chimpanzee.

Pippi in the South Seas (1974)
Pippi Longstocking has a pet monkey.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
Sequel: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

Planet of the Apes (1968)
Three astronauts from Earth find themselves stranded on a planet where apes are the dominant society.
Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1969)
Escape From the Planet of the Apes (1971)
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)
Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973)
TV series: Planet of the Apes (1974)
Remake: Planet of the Apes (2001)

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Porky’s Revenge (1985)

The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002)
The girls’ nemesis, an evil genius chimpanzee named Mojo Jojo, plans to take over the city of Townsville with an army of mutated monkeys.

Project X (1987)
A young military inductee (Matthew Broderick) is given the task of tending to chimpanzees involved in “Project X,” training chimpanzees to be pilots. After encountering the chimps’ former owner, a young female language specialist (Helen Hunt), and discovering that radiation exposure is involving in the project, the inductee plots to help the chimps escape.

Quatermass Xperiment, The (1955)
Monkeys in the zoo are upset by the presence of an alien blob.

Queen of the Amazons (1947)
Gabby (J. Edward Bromberg), the cook, has a pet capuchin named Polo.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
Marion Ravenswood takes a shine to a capuchin. The monkey is working as a spy, but is killed after eating poisoned dates meant for Indiana Jones.

Rango (1931)

Rat Pfink a Boo Boo (1966)
Two costumed crime fighters face an escaped circus gorilla.

Reap the Wild Wind (1942)
Capt. Stuart (John Wayne) has a pet monkey named Bananas.

Return of the Ape Man (1944)
Mad scientist Bela Lugosi transplants the brain of John Carradine into the body of a recently discovered Missing Link.

Return To Me (2000)
David Duchovny plays a veterinarian. Some scenes were filmed at the Lincoln Park Zoo Great Ape House in Chicago.
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The Road to El Dorado (2000)
While stopping to bathe, the two heroes have their clothes stolen by monkeys.

Road to Zanzibar (1941)
Bob Hope wrestles with a gorilla.

Robinson Crusoe On Mars (1964)
Stranded on Mars with only a monkey as a companion, an astronaut must figure out how to find oxygen, water, and food on the lifeless planet.

Robot Monster (1953)
Ro-Man, an alien that looks remarkably like a gorilla in a diving helmet, has destroyed all but six people on the planet Earth. He spends the entire film trying to finish off these survivors, but complications arise when he falls for the young woman in the group.
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Rocket Man (1997)
The adolescent comedy features an astrochimp with a bad attitude toward the wacky hero on the first manned flight to Mars in this Disney film.

Rundown, The (2003)
Baboons take advantage of The Rock and Seann William Scott who are left hanging upside after stepping into a trap.

Sands of the Kalahari (1965)
A small plane crashes in the sweltering deserts of South Africa hundreds of miles from civilization. As parallels are drawn between the group of humans and a nearby pack of savage baboons, one of the men’s survivalist nature gets the better of him, as he decides his chances of survival would be better if the others were eliminated one by one.

Savage Girl (1932)
Tale about a white jungle goddess who’s protected by a giant, killer gorilla.

Sergeant Deadhead (1965)
Frankie Avalon is launched into space with a chimpanzee.

Seven Deaths in the Cat’s Eyes (1973) aka La Morte negli occhi del gatto
Lord James keeps an old circus gorilla locked up in his bedroom.

The Shaggy Dog (2006)
Tim Allen escapes from a laboratory with the aid of a capuchin and a chimpanzee.

Shakma (1990)
A laboratory baboon goes on the rampage against a group of medical students involved in a “Dungeons and Dragons” game.

Sherlock Holmes in the Great Murder Mystery (1908)
A young man is accused of crimes committed by a gorilla who has escaped from his cage. Based on “Murders in the Rue Morgue.”

Shogun’s Ninja (1980)
Includes a scene showing street performers with a trained macaque.

Showgirls (1995)
Performing chimps run loose in the girls’ dressing room.

Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977)
A prince is transformed into a baboon.

Skullduggery (1970)
Burt Reynolds and Susan Clark uncover an man-ape in New Guinea who may be the missing link.

So This Is Africa (1933)
Comedians Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey are hired by a film producer to go to Africa with their pet lions to film a jungle movie. In Africa, they encounter a gorilla.

Son-goku sora [aka Magic Monkey Sky; Monkey Magic] (1959)
The mythical adventures of the legendary Chinese trickster Monkey, who must outwit a variety of wily demons who stand in the way of him and his fellow Buddhist travelers.

Space Chimps (2008)
Ham III, the grandson of the first chimp astronaut, is sent into space to save the peaceful inhabitants of a distant planet from the evil dictator Zartog.

Space Cowboys (2000)
Astronauts hoping to go into space learn they will be preceded by chimpanzees. Four astronauts-in-training are unexpectedly replaced by a chimpanzee to become the first American in space.

Spook Busters (1946)
The Bowery Boys get a job working as exterminators in a haunted house where Sach is kidnapped by a mad scientist who plans to transplant Sach’s brain into a gorilla.

Spymate (2006)
A former spy and his chimp partner call themselves back into action when the spy’s genius daughter is kidnapped by an evil scientist bent on using her knowledge to unleash the energy at the Earth’s core.

Stark Mad (1929)
Passengers on a yacht in South America find themselves in an ancient Mayan temple with a big, angry gorilla.
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The Strange Case of Dr. Rx (1942)
Dr. Rx captures a private detective and attempts to frighten him into insanity by strapping him on an operating table, and pretending to exchange the detective’s brain with that of a gorilla.

The Stranger (1994)
This feature follows the adventures of a cynical New Jersey bar janitor as he takes LSD, has nightmares, rides subway cars, yells at his pregnant girlfriend, and kills people. The film also features a cigar-smoking dwarf bar owner and a chimp wandering through a graveyard.

Summer of the Monkeys (1998)
A young boy in the central plains of 19th-century America discovers four chimpanzees that have escaped from a circus wagon. He learns that there is a handsome reward for their return, but grows attached to the animals.
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A Summer to Remember (1985 tv-movie)
A deaf-mute boy who has withdrawn from society finds a secret friend in an escaped orangutan who can communicate via sign language.
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Tanya’s Island (1980)
Man and ape fight over pretty girl on a deserted island

Tarzan films:
Tarzan of the Apes (1918)
The Romance of Tarzan (1918)
The Revenge of Tarzan (1920)
Son of Tarzan (1920)
Adventures of Tarzan (1921)
Tarzan, the Ape Man (1932)
Tarzan The Fearless (1933 serial)
Tarzan and His Mate (1934)
The New Adventures of Tarzan (1935 serial) recut as “Tarzan and the Green Goddess” (1938)
Watch the movie at
Tarzan Escapes (1936)
Tarzan’s Revenge (1938)
Watch the movie at: Tarzan Finds A Son! (1939)
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Tarzan’s Secret Treasure (1941)
Tarzan’s New York Adventure (1942)
Related link: Movie trailer
Tarzan Triumphs (1943)
Tarzan’s Desert Mystery (1943)
Tarzan and the Amazons (1945)
Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (1946)
Tarzan and the Huntress (1947)
Tarzan and the Mermaids (1948)
Tarzan’s Magic Fountain (1949)
Tarzan and the Slave Girl (1950)
Tarzan’s Peril/Tarzan and the Jungle Goddess (1951)
The Tarzan’s Savage Fury/Tarzan Hunted (1952)
Tarzan in Istanbul (1952)
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Tarzan and the She-Devil (1953)
Tarzan’s Hidden Jungle (1955)
Tarzan and the Lost Safari (1957)
Related link: Movie trailer
Tarzan and the Trappers (1958)
Tarzan’s Fight For Life (1958)
Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure (1959)
Tarzan, The Ape Man (1959)
Tarzan The Magnificent (1960)
Tarzan Goes To India (1962)
Tarzan’s Jungle Rebellion (1965)
Tarzan and King Kong (1965)
Tarzan wrestles with the 5′-tall “King Kong.”
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Tarzan and the Valley of Gold (1966)
Tarzan and the Great River (1967)
Related link: Movie trailer
Tarzans Kampf mit dem Gorilla (1968)
Tarzan and the Jungle Boy (1968)
Related link: Movie trailer
Tarzán en la gruta del oro (King of the Jungle) (1969)
Tarzan’s Deadly Silence (1970)
Tarzán y el arco iris (Tarzan and the Brown Prince) (1972)
Tarzan, The Ape Man (1981)
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984)
Tarzan in Manhattan (1989 tv-movie)
Tarzan and the Lost City (1998)
Tarzan (1999)
“Tarzan” is an animated adventure that traces the story of a human baby who is orphaned in the African jungle and lovingly raised by a family of apes. Tarzan’s peaceful and sheltered world is turned upside down by the arrival of a human expedition and the revelation that he is a human being. As he struggles to decide which “family” he belongs with, his dilemma is further complicated by his feelings for a beautiful young woman named Jane and the discovery that a trusted member of his new human “family” is plotting to harm the apes.
Sequel: Tarzan and Jane (2002)
Sequel: Tarzan II (2005)

TV series:
Tarzan (1966)
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (1976 animated)
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Tarzan (1991)
Tarzan: The Epic Adventures (1996)
Tarzan (2003)

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Teenage Zombies (1958)
Four teenagers find themselves stranded on an island with a foreign power trying to develop a method for turning American citizens into easily controlled zombies. The special nerve gas is tested on a gorilla.

The Tender Warrior (1971)
Among the animal friends of Charles Lee is Chuck the chimpanzee.

Terror Tract (2000)
One segment in this trilogy of horror tales is about a family that adopts an evil monkey.

Time of the Apes (1987)
In this Japanese film, a woman and her two kids are trapped in a cryogenic chamber and awaken in a future where apes rule over humans.

Tim Tyler’s Luck (1937)
A 12-episode serial in which Tim Tyler goes to Africa in search of his father in gorilla country.

Toby Tyler (1960)
A runaway boy joins a circus and befriends Mr. Stubbs, a chimpanzee.

Trading Places (1983)
During the party on the train, bad guy Paul Gleason is put into a gorilla costume and thrown into a cage with a real gorilla.

28 Days Later… (2003)
Chimps released from a British research center carry a deadly virus that quickly decimates the local population, turning the survivors into raging zombies.

Two-Gun Lady (1956)
A monkey is part of the entertainment at a saloon.

Typhoon (1940)
Cast adrift onto an island, Dorothy Lamour survives for 10 years with only a chimpanzee for a companion before she encounters Robert Preston.

Unholy Three, The (1925)
A “killer chimpanzee” makes an appearance at the climax of this movie.
Remake: The Unholy Three (1930)

Unknown Island (1948)
A group of scientists searches for prehistoric creatures on a mysterious island.

Unknown Treasures (1926)

Untamed Mistress (1956)
Two adventurers go into the jungle to rescue a girlfriend, Velda, from the clutches of the killer gorillas that originally raised her. “The kind of woman man or gorilla would kill…to keep!”

Up in Smoke (1957)
Huntz Hall plays monkey see, monkey do with a monkey dressed in a red suit in this Bowery Boys movie.

West of Zanzibar (1928)
Lon Chaney is shown holding a young chimp in his lap in one scene.

Where East is East (1929)
Animal trapper Tiger Haynes (Lon Chaney) has a pet gorilla named Rangho.

White Gorilla (1947)
A white gorilla is snubbed by black gorillas because of his color. Cut off from his tribe he becomes lonely and angry. After troubling hunters and natives, the white gorilla fights the king of the black gorillas while we are told by a narrator that the fate of Africa hangs in the balance. The movie was made by editing some 1947 acting into footage from a 1927 silent serial, Perils of the Jungle.

White Pongo (1945)
A white gorilla may be the missing link.
Related link: Movie still

White Witch Doctor (1953)
Ellen Burton arrives in Africa to join Dr. Mary as her nurse, bringing modern medicine to the native peoples. Lonni Douglas, an animal wrangler and fortune hunter, agrees to take her upriver, despite his misgivings about her suitability for Africa. They battle escaped gorillas, hostile natives, infected lion wounds, and hostile witch doctors to reach their destination and on the way, they fall in love. Will their contrasting interests doom their romance?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)
A gorilla in a “monkey suit” (tuxedo) is the bouncer at the Pen and Ink Club.

Who Killed Doc Robbin? (1948)
Another haunted house with a gorilla in it. How many of these places are there?

The Wild and the Free (1980 tv-movie)
Researchers study chimps.

The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002)
Darwin the chimpanzee is the best friend of Eliza Thornberry.
Sequel: Rugrats Go Wild! (2003)

Wild Women (1951) [aka White Sirens of Africa / Bowanga Bowanga]

William Comes to Town
Features a circus chimp.

Wir hau’n die Pauker in die Pfanne (1970) [aka We’ll Take Care of the Teachers]
A school headmaster has a chimpanzee for a pet.

The Wizard (1927)
A remake of the 1913 film “Balaoo.” An evil scientist creates a man-faced ape to destroy the judge who condemned the scientist’s son to death.

The Wizard of Oz (1939)
The Wicked Witch of the West employs a band of Winged Monkeys to abduct Dorothy.
Sequel: Volshebnik izumrudnogo goroda (1994)

The Wool Hat (2004 TV)
Gigot (William H. Macy) has a pet monkey.

Yellow Submarine (1968)
King Kong makes a brief appearance near the beginning of the film.

You Gotta Stay Happy (1948)
Dee Dee (Joan Fontaine) is a wealthy heiress who has just made the mistake of her life by marrying the wrong man. Looking to get away she hooks up with failing airline entrepreneur Marvin Payne (James Stewart), who reluctantly agrees to let her hitch a ride across the country in his cargo plane. The crazy flight begins when the co-pilot (Eddie Albert) has illegally booked a group of wacky passengers, including a cigar-smoking chimp.

Zamba (1949)
In the jungle, a young boy becomes lost and separated from his family and is raised by an ape called Zamba. When the boy is six years old his mother finds him, but Zamba refuses to give the boy up.

Zambo the Ape Man [aka Sher-e-Jungle] (1937)
A scientist transforms an ape-like monster into a man who begins to behave like Tarzan.
Sequel: Son of Zambo (1939)

Zatoichi at Large (1972)
Two trained macaques perform a play.


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