IDP: Organizations

This table contains all Organizations listed in the International Directory of Primatology. A key to organization categories is below the table. To add an organization to the IDP, please complete this application form. To provide an update, please complete this form.


  • Animal Welfare: Organizations focusing on the care and well-being of captive non-human primates
  • Conservation: Organizations focusing on the conservation of non-human primates in the wild
  • Education Programs: Organizations offering degrees or training related to non-human primates, including field schools
  • Funding Bodies: Organizations providing financial support to primate-focused research, education or conservation programs
  • Museums and Collections: Organizations with primate-focused collections or information services
  • Research Labs and Programs: Organizations with primate-focused research programs
  • Professional Groups: Primate-focused professional societies and other organizations, usually at the national or international level
  • Sanctuaries: Organizations involved in rehabilitation or reintroduction of non-human primate species
  • Zoological Gardens: Organizations with significant primate collections or primate-focused research programs

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