Primate Info Net FAQ

Q: Where can I get a pet monkey?
A: This has been one of our most common questions over the years. Primate Info Net does not recommend owning pet monkeys. The reasons are many. Read more here.

Q: Is there an active PIN mailing list?
A: Primatologists and students of primatology are invited to explore the PIN website to find various primatology community groups and apply to join them. We do not have a public mailing list but we are happy to continue to build resources for the public on the website itself. And of course, you can email us at with your questions. You can also look up people in the International Directory of Primatology to contact with your questions. See the forums listed next for more opportunities if you are interested in working with primates.

Q: How can I find Primate-Jobs and the other PIN forums and descriptions?
A: Please visit the forums here.

Q: I am unable to subscribe or unsubscribe from a PIN forum. What should I do?
A: Please contact us for help. If you are trying to unsubscribe using the directions posted in the forum, make sure you use the original email address you used to subscribe, in case forum mail is being forwarded to your current address.

Q: Is information on PIN current?
A: Information on PIN is provided in good faith and to the best of our knowledge. Much has changed since we had the Lawrence Jacobsen Library and its staff to manage and update it many years ago. We are also asking our readers to help us update the site, thank you.

Q: Where can I find information from the old PIN website?
A: The original PIN still exists through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine; however, the site is no longer maintained as its original server is no longer supported. Several of the old links are also broken and we cannot find the original content for those pages. However, If you are able to provide more current information, or even archived information for some of the older links that we can incorporate into the new site, please let us know.

Q: How can I access the old Primate-Lit references?
A: The proprietary software used to develop Primate-Lit in a format easily viewed on the Internet no longer exists. The raw data files are archived at We have so far been unsuccessful in rebuilding the resource into a useful format once again.

Q: How can I edit our International Directory of Primatology post, which is outdated but still needed?
A: Unfortunately, for security reasons, we had to remove the functionality that allows you to update your entry yourself. Please let us know which entries or pages need an update and we will be happy to manually enter the information.

Q: How can I help edit or write for PIN?
A: We are happy to consider input from anyone who wishes to make recommendations for updates to the site, as long as valid sources are provided before we make any updates or additions.

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