Igor Slukvin, who studies hematopoietic stem cells, in his lab at the WNRPC (University Communications image).

Professor Igor Slukvin in the hematopoietic stem cell lab

Our Scientists and Research Labs

The following scientists have core research support from the WNPRC. They also collaborate with scientists and physicians from UW–Madison as well as nationally and internationally.

David Abbott (polycystic ovary disease)

Ricki Colman (calorie restriction and aging, nutrition)

Dawn Dudley (global infectious disease)

Marina Emborg (Parkinson’s disease, stem cells, gene editing)

David T. Evans (Human and simian immunodeficiency viruses)

Thomas Friedrich (global infectious disease)

Amita Kapoor (Assay Services)

Jon Levine (polycystic ovary disease, menopause, Fragile X)

John Maufort (Stem Cell Resources)

David O’Connor (global infectious disease)

Shelby O’Connor (global infectious disease)

Jessica Phillips (cognitive neuroscience)

Peter Pierre (behavioral services)

Eva Rakasz (HIV)

Matt Reynolds (HIV, immunology)

Jeffrey Rogers’ home page at Baylor College of Medicine (non-human primate genetics)

Ari Rosenberg (neuroscience, 3D vision, autism)

Yuri B. Saalmann (cognitive control, consciousness, neural coding)

Jenna Schmidt (Placental function, infertility, and reproduction)

Nancy Schultz-Darken (neuroendocrinology, metabolism, and neuroscience)

Heather Simmons (veterinary pathology)

Igor Slukvin (stem cells, blood-derived cells, immunology)

Ei Terasawa (neuroendrocrine developmental hormones, triggers of puberty, Parkinson’s disease, stem cells)

James Thomson, emeritus (stem cells, regenerative biology)

Toni Ziegler, emeritus (behavioral endocrinology, hormone measurements)